Brand Building

The goal of advertising is building brand awareness for your company or products.  Before you can successfully start building brand awareness, you first need to establish a brand identity to market.  At Lead Sprout, we can help your business build your brand and market it. Establishing your brand will make it easier to identify your target audience, generate relevant content, market your brand on social media, optimize your website for SEO, and run effective ad campaigns.

Brand Identity

An established brand identity makes it easier to market your business or products to consumers.  At Lead Sprout we can help your business create your brand from scratch and solidify your existing brand.


We help our clients figure out the best mission statement for their business. We then conduct market research to identify a target audience that is interested in your product or service and whose values align with yours. Then, through the content marketing and research process, we identify what types of content your target audience likes to consume and create a content creation plan. 

Once we have figured out your brand and what types of content you will create, we start the next phase of the process which is organic brand building. For this process we rely heavily on SEO and social media marketing.

Marketing Your Brand

Once we have established your brand and you have created relevant content, it's time to start promoting your business.  Depending on your business type, and the types of content you serve, we figure out what social media sites would make the most sense for your business and the most effective way to use them.  We also make sure that all of your social profiles are optimized for your website before we start posting.  Depending on the type of content and what makes the most sense for your business, your social media posts will primarily serve to promote your content, products, and services and in some cases will promote original content only on that social media.  If we go down the Youtube or Podcast path, we make sure your podcast / Youtube channel is properly optimized to bring in the most organic users possible.

If you have any questions regarding our Brand Building services, or want to know how Lead Sprout can help grow your business’s brand, please contact Lead Sprout or email us directly at