At Lead Sprout we not only optimize your existing copy, we create a content creation plan and provide you with the tools to create content that is optimized for high value keywords.

Existing Content

We optimize your content to rank for high value keywords.  During this process, we optimize your existing copy in a way that incorporates high value keywords and reflects Google's values of Expert Authoritative, and Trustworthy (EAT).  We add your desired keywords and expand on your existing copy to address relevant user search queries and frequently asked questions. We use SERP data to make sure your content is served in the best way possible to rank for your desired keywords.

Copy optimization will make your website more relevant and useful to your target audience, which in turn should increase your rank in search results, leading to an increase in organic traffic.


We not only optimize existing copy, we can write new copy for your website.  We have experience writing copy for clients in a wide array of industries.

We also create content creation or content marketing plans that help our clients create content in a format that is best optimized to reach their target audience.

Types of content we have experience with

  • Podcasts 

  • Articles / Blogs 

  • Videos 

  • FAQ Pages 

  • Listing Services

  • How to Guides

  • Recipes

  • E-commerce

  • Email Newsletters

  • Events 

  • Social media

If you have any questions regarding our SEO process, or want to know how Lead Sprout can help grow your business’s online presence, please contact Lead Sprout or email us directly at