Misfits and Mysteries 

Case Study

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Misfits and Mysteries is a podcast and blog that explores all things weird and wacky from Bigfoot and Aliens to history and psychology and everything in between.

How Lead Sprout was able to help

We were able to leverage our experience working with our clients podcasts to help them not only successfully launch a podcast, but consistently grow an audience for their blog, podcast, Youtube and social media. ​

Website Optimization and Content Creation

We helped Misfits and Mysteries build a website to house their podcast, blog, and newsletter.  We also helped them conduct keyword research to create episodes and blogs that are best optimized to show up in Google Search results, which helped organically grow their audience.  We also focused on discoverability on podcast platforms to make sure all show notes and titles are properly optimized to reach the most people possible.


To increase traffic to their website and blogs, we got creative with link building.  In addition to traditional guest blogs and asking other podcasts they went on to link back to our site, we made use of show notes to improve their SEO.  We found that linking their blogs to specific keywords in the show notes has a noticeable positive impact on their ability to rank for a given keyword

Social Media

We have also focused heavily on growing their social media presence.  Because its rare to go viral on social media without a major following, we decided to focus on consistently posting relevant and engagement content and following and engaging with relevant twitter profiles.

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