Petroleum Evaluations Group (PEG) Case Study





Petroleum Evaluations Group is a mineral rights (oil and gas rights) consulting company that works with mineral owners to help them get a fair deal when selling their mineral rights.  PEG provides a very niche service that most mineral owners don't realize they need.  This posed a unique challenge, because we had to effectively utilize SEO, content marketing, advertisements, and link building to both drive conversions and educate mineral owners on the importance of a service they don't realize they need. 

How Lead Sprout was able to help

We were able to help PEG rank top 10 for 16 high value keywords.  We were also able to save PEG thousands of dollars in wasted ad spend through ad optimization and keyword research.     

Website Optimization and Content Creation


PEG started off as a single page website that was not well optimized for SEO or Google Ads.  We worked with PEG to expand the scope of their website to better highlight the variety of services they provide.  We started off by identifying the key services they provide and created landing pages with essential information.  For example, each page explains what the service is and why they would need to use it.  We also made an effort to address all relevant user search queries and people also ask questions to make sure their content was best optimized to rank by effectively answering the questions users are actually asking.  Check out their oil and gas leases page to see an example of our work.  

We also created blogs that were specifically tailored to educate consumers on the importance of their services.  In addition to SEO, we had to actually create content that educated consumers on why they needed PEG's services.  We did this in a few ways.  We created blogs that addressed specific keywords and user search queries and also educated them on the importance of getting a Mineral Appraisal.  We also went onto various mineral rights forums and created educational posts to get the word out that there service existed.  Finally,  As a part of our link building efforts, PEG wrote articles for local newspapers in oil towns that educated people about the importance of these services and linked back to their website.  


In addition to SEO, we went in and optimized their Google Ad campaigns to increase conversions and reduce unnecessary ad spend.  For example, we went in and made all irrelevant keywords negative keywords and targeted ads only in the US and in relevant states.  As a result, we were able to save them thousands in wasted ad revenue and were able to increase sales.  

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