SEO Campaign Strategy 

At Lead Sprout we believe that the key to running a successful SEO campaign is developing a comprehensive SEO campaign strategy that is specifically tailored to meet your business’ needs. The SEO campaign strategy sets the groundwork for your campaign and provides a road map for how we conduct SEO.  Because SEO is a slow and steady process, it’s important to develop a campaign strategy that is optimized for your business model.

Site Audit

Before we sit down with our clients to develop their SEO campaign strategy, we conduct a site audit and comb through their Google Analytics data.  This allows us to establish a baseline for your traffic, audience demographics, and bounce rate that we can use to contextualize the effectiveness of our SEO efforts on traffic down the road.  The site audit allows us to identify any issues with your website's health, such as: slow site speed, redirect chains, 404 page not found errors, URL issues, metadata issues, and so on. We also make sure you are completely set up on all of Google’s web services, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google My Business. After we compile and analyze this data we are ready to begin building your SEO campaign strategy.

Campaign Strategy

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Before creating your SEO campaign strategy, we make sure we fully understand your business model so we can develop a strategy that works best for you.  We then help you create campaign goals that will help us measure the success of the campaign.  Some examples of goals are driving conversions (getting users to perform an action on your website such as purchasing a product or filling out a contact form), driving traffic to your site, ranking for keywords, or outranking your competition in organic search results.  We combine your analytics data, site health information, our understanding of your business model, and your goals to develop a campaign strategy that makes sense for your business.

For a detailed look at the next step in the SEO process, check out our keyword research page.

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