Technical SEO

At Lead Sprout we not only optimize your existing content, we create a content creation plan and provide you with the tools to create content that is optimized for high value keywords.

Meta Data

Metadata does not directly impact your website's organic search ranking, however, it plays a major role in getting your target audience to actually click on your website.  One of the first things we do is make sure that your meta title reflects your company name, and the name of the page it links to.  This helps associate the page with your brand name and informs the user of what they will find on the page.  We then go in and optimize meta descriptions. Meta descriptions are a summary of what a  searcher can expect to find on your page.  This lets searchers know that your content is relevant to their search and persuades them to click on your website.  We also add alt tags to any images on your site to tell Google what it is an image of.


We make sure that all of your URLs are properly optimized and that you have no 404 page not found errors.  We first go in and redirect any broken links and 404 errors to a relevant page on your site.  We repeat this process for any URLs that we need to redirect or rename.  We also make sure your URLs are static, meaning that a human can read and understand them, and that they are the appropriate length. Finally (if applicable) we canonicalize your URLs so you do not run into any issues with duplicate content.

Structured Data

At Lead Sprout, we believe that it is very important to take full advantage of structured data. Structured data allows search engines to understand what your content is, not just what it says.  For example, Google does not know if a page on your website is a PDF or a website page unless you tell it that it's a website. Below is a list of common structured data types and why they are important

Common Types of Structured Data

  • Article / Blog  

  • Event 

  • FAQ  

  • How To Guide

  • Job Posting

  • Local Business

  • Organization

  • Person

  • Product

  • Recipe

  • Video

  • Podcast

  • Website

  • Speakables

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