The Nashville Briefing (TNB) Case Study

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The Nashville Briefing is a very popular Nashville music industry news letter created by artist manager and promoter Zak Kuhn.  The Nashville Briefing (TNB) was a very successful news letter read by people in all facets of the Music City music industry.  Unfortunately, TNB's slow website load speeds and lack of SEO made it very difficult for new fans to discover their content online.


Luckily Lead Sprout was able to help!  

How Lead Sprout was able to help

We were able to help TNB rank top 10 for 7 high value keywords and increased their organic search visibility by  370.45% through SEO, link building campaigns, and improving website speeds.

Because TNB was already producing high quality content, our primary focus for this project was improving the sites technical SEO, improving website load speeds, and building backlinks.

Technical SEO

We started off by conducting keyword research to identify high value keywords that would drive the most relevant traffic to the TNB.  Once we established what keywords the TNB should rank for, we created a copywriting  and technical SEO optimization plan.  We used this plan to efficiently rename and redirect URLs, write titles tags, description tags, image alt text, and added structured schema that were optimized to rank for organic search results.

Site Speed


One of the biggest obstacles TNB faced was their slow website load speeds of around 11 second on desktop and 15 seconds on mobile, which was harming user experience and making it more difficult for search engines to crawl and index the site.  We were able to significantly reduce load times to 3 to 5 second on both desktop and mobile, through image compression and optimization, removing redundant code slowing down the site, and upgrading server capacity.   

Link Building


Another obstacles TNB was facing was that they had no external websites linking to them.  As a result they were not getting a lot of external traffic or domain authority sent their way.  We we're able to fix this by creating a link-building campaign strategy that streamlined the process of building links from people the Zak interviewed for his podcast and the briefing.  As a result, The Nashville Briefing has become more visible in organic search results and has seen a significant increase in readership and newsletter signups. 

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